Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday in the big city

in Dublin. Just came back from Rui's place in Rathmines. Rui is this Portuguese that used to work with me in Ballina. Another two portuguese fellas, Pedro and Samuel joined us too and we had a laugh. Rui was telling me about the Celtic influence in Portuguese culture, and we've also talked about etymology, languages,vikings, that kinda thing. I was like "damn it, if I just knew a lil bit more of ancient history that would give me a great post for my blog" but then again I just realized I know nothing about it. Anyway, that could be one of my resolutions for this year. Earlier on I was in town for sushi and bought few presents to take to Brazil. Oh yes! We've also went to Brown Thomas and Rui showed me this "secret place" where u can have some fine Brazilian coffee for free. They also sell these coffee machines and powder, but the average of prices were a bit out of my budget. Damn it! I wanna a coffee machine. In the meanwhile Kaz was babysitting Isaac.

More stuff to come...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

tin tin

my wife is in dublin and am all alone here wit my cats and my...homemade wine in progress. I can smell grape juice mixed wit bitter aroma and i can hear the yeast working hard and hopefully in few weeks we can sip some fine barolo red wine.

That is it for now, stay tuned

Monday, February 13, 2012

Vaga de emprego

A empresa que eu trabalho está necessitando urgentemente de gente no Brasil pra trabalho part-time em casa. Para isso o candidato tem que ter bom acesso a internet e ingles intermediário(básico talvez sirva também), além de estar morando no Brasil por pelo menos 5 anos. Pra inscrição basta clicar em um dos links abaixo. Provavelmente vc terá que copiar os links pro IE já que alguns deles talvez nao funcionem no FF.

Caso vc esteja com dificuldades pra acessar os links acima mande um email pra mim, ou deixe um comentario nesse post :-)