Friday, November 11, 2016

They can build walls, increase the oppression, destroy governments, ignore the class struggle, segregate, nothing will change, there is no use.
The oppression, the strongest it could be, will not be enough to stop the force of immigration, let alone to solve the internal problems by placing them under the carpet.
None of this will bring answers to questions who are increasingly stirring up tempers of those who always wanted to deny the obvious, the growing social changes that the world is facing.
And at that point, it does not make me worry whether this extremist wave is hovering in the world and will continue like that. Time shows that the problems will be higher in the decades to come, what they call also refugee crisis will get more intensity. Right now, every minute there is a human being moving out of where they live to seek better conditions elsewhere.
I repeat, there is no oppressive force that can stop it.
There is no force that can reverse the likely effects of the climate change, which also will force millions to seek better conditions for their survivals.
We are just witnessing the events unfold, we can anticipate our extinction, but we can extend, everything will depend on how we respond to that.
The fact is that we have to find ways to adapt to this reality. And that is unrelated to ideals, passions or beliefs.