Monday, September 26, 2011

Ireland - home sweet home

IRELAND - HOME SWEET HOME......... The only place where........ • When you were young, you went to bed when Glenroe was over, • If you die from alcohol poisoning, you're considered a lightweight, • 'Fuck off' means 'Are you serious?', ... ... • The person that you insult most is probably your best friend, • Saying 'I will yea' means that you definitely won't, • "Fuck it, its grand' means that you couldn't be bothered to finish it properly, • 'He`s fond of a drink' means he suffers from severe life-threatening alcoholism, • Saying you're going for a drink means you might not be seen again for 3 days, • Crisps are called 'Taytos' and fizzy drinks are called 'minerals', • 'For the craic' is the best reason for doing anything, • The best cure for a hangover is more drink, • Nobody can go a day without saying 'Jaysus', • 'Meeting' has a double meaning, • Tea is the solution to every problem, • And water is the solution to every GAA injury, • "I got stuck behind a tractor' is a perfectly valid reason for being late, • We eat Tayto sambos for lunch, and ham sandwiches on the way to Croke Park, • You can insert the name of a gardening tool into any sentence and it still makes sense, e.g. 'I had a rake of drink last night' or "I'll be out in a minute, I'm just shoveling down the dinner', • GAA is considered religion, • Its perfectly acceptable to call your mother 'mammy' even though you are a fully grown adult, • Saying 'Now we're sucking diesel' means that you are happy with the outcome of the situation, • Drinking 'tae' is everyone's favourite past time, • You're scared of the wooden spoon, • The word 'like' goes in every sentence, • You can say "Any craic' to a garda and you won't get arrested, • 'The dogs' bollocks' means something is brilliant!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Guinness day

not a big fan but...

happy guinness day!!!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

um sinal de vida

eu sei, to devendo um post sobre os surf spots in ireland...como tambem o post sobre uisque, etc e etc...nao esqueci de nada disso

enquanto isso fiquem com a chica bebendo água wit style!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fui ali

Eita Blog, me perdoa, eu to sumidao eu sei! Nesse intervalo teve até passagem de furacão.

Mas ai, assim que puder eu venho com um post sobre as praias e good spots for surfing in Ireland. Esse vai exclusivamente pra um carioca como eu que ficou espantado ao saber que aqui tinha bom surf, entao fiquem ligados.

Enquanto isso acompanhem as notícias do cenário musical do genero mais popular do mundo em:

Keep on rock

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mullaghmore Head Tow in Surf Session

O bacana desse video é que ele mostra o quanto a Irlanda é boa em matéria de onda grande. Inclusive o Kelly Slater (9 x campeao mundial) que já veio aqui algumas vezes disse que a Irlanda is a cold paradise.

Coloque o wetsuit, poe parafina na prancha e cai dentro.

Ah sim, tem dois carinhas aí que sao meus conhecidos, um deles é o Ritchie de Bundoran, co. donegal, amigo do Kelly Slater, enjoy it!