Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dia de los muertos Cabaret

  • downstairs @ The Adelaide, Wine Street Car Park, Sligo.
  • 4th Friday Art Club and The Countess Cabaret host Dia de los Muertos themed fundraiser (for Open Tradesclub) with art, live music, burlesque, bellydancin and all round booty shakin! Lady of the Dead competition and life drawing with burlesque babe Tipsy Bourbon and photobooth to capture all those lady Catalina and princes of death!

    Live music from Darktown
    DJ set by DJ Turd - Alternative, Rock, Indie, Old School
    DJ Dilly Dream
    Burlesque with Miss Jet
    Comedy by Barry Cullen
    Tribal Bellydance by Kadri
    Performance of "The Black Cat" Patrick Karl Curley
    Live Art by Hilary
    More TBA

    Door tax: 7 euros.
    Burlesque life drawing 7-8pm
    Performances start: 9pm

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last days in Sligo...and counting

It seems that the universe is trying to push us back to the big schmoke! I got a job there starting next week and wish the world could feel half of my excitement right now. After nearly 4 years living in Sligo County (I moved in January 2009) there are some things to be missed. Sligo is definitely one of my favorite counties in the west and living in Rosses Point just makes the farewell even harder. Fishing, the quietness, the silence and the lack of traffic, except when you face some tractors that keep you slow for some minutes. There are some pubs in particular that I will miss too: Harry's in Rosses Point (the best seafood chowder I think I ever had) The beach bar and The flying horse in Templeboy, and few others in Sligo town. I am gonna miss some of the friends that I made in the past few years too. On the other hand most of them got jobs/moved to other places before me so it was really about time to go, I guess. Sligo is one of the best surf spots in Ireland with places like Strandhill, Tra bhui, Enniscrone and some others that I didn't have a chance to try. Enniscrone is also another place that I will miss, that is for sure. Spending one evening in one of their pubs having some nice dinner, walking along their long beach, fishing by the pier, sea bath at the seaweed house, that place smells like holidays 24/7. Our current place too. Living in Sligo is to enjoy a different pace of life. 

On the other hand we are both city people. We realized we can't live that far from the city. Although there is traffic, stressed people, lots of people everywhere you go, there is that buzz, that sort of buzz we don't have in the country. I have also some friends + my in-laws, kaz family waiting for me there which makes my moving not that complicated. There is also a chance of dusting off my bass and take part in some cool jams. Dublin smells like music, a good one. I will finally become a member of the Irish Whiskey Society since their events only happen in Dublin and hopefully will keep my old habits on (fishing, homebrewing). No surfing though :-( I should point out that Dublin is perhaps few degrees warmer than here, I've noticed that in many times when I was walking with only t-shirts on the rest of dubliners would have scarves, gloves, hats and coats on. 

Till next time

p.s.: Things are going well with my dad. He is keeping an-eye on his intakes and probably feeling much better. Can't wait to visit them probably early next year. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Rosses Point

Just a quick one. We haven't got the internet at home yet so every day we come down to the hotel to use their wifi. Below you will find some pictures I took this afternoon in our new village. I was told I am living in the posh area of Sligo which I think it makes sense. I am also unemployed so it feels like on holidays. Hopefully (or not) this will change soon. All these photos were taken with my mobile phone so their quality is not good, however am quite pleased with their colors, I call it "the autumn effect" :-) One of these photos shows a statue of a woman, which is in memory of those who lost their lives at the sea. The woman is representing their moms, begging for their safe return...I know, a bit emotional

If you ever come down to Sligo, make sure you visit Rosses Point and if you are a bit hungry try the seafood chowder at Waterfront, its yummy!

p.s.: got the good news that my dad is going to be discharged from the hospital this words to describe how happy I am :-)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fireball - meteor showers in Ireland

Last friday night I was sitting here on my computer at about 11.00pm when Karen called me outside "quickly, quickly". I knew she was trying to get the cats back to the house but didn't have a clue of what was coming next. Out there above the horizon there was these fireball blazes coming up from East going above our heads towards west. There were at least three fireball blazes all flying together in a quite fast speed, just like the speed you see satellites orbiting our planet. It was absolutely stunning! Karen was freaking out for a minute about what they could be and I thought that it was either debris of a satellite or a meteor shower. 10 minutes later we checked on the internet and there were videos and reports from people all over the country and England. The news also said it was indeed a meteor shower but they probably didnt tell how spectacular it was because of its intense brightness. 

For videos and other reports of the same objects we saw click here:

For reports from U.K. HERE

If you have any video, photo, or any experience you had please share with me :-)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hi there! It's been a while since the last time I've been here. Lemme see, in the meanwhile I had the special company of my folks who came over for initially 3 weeks but unfortunately they had to come back to Brazil after two weeks. My dad rushed to the hospital with an infection on his foot. He is diabetic and got two surgeries and after some odd time he is now recovering in hospital. Our thoughts and prayers for him and we will keep with our positive atittude that he will get out of that as quick as possible.

Below you will find some photos from this period of time that shows a bit of what was going on here. It is been freezing at the moment and I can defo say that autumn is here. I have my weapons ready for it and even bought a Boidhran(not totally sure about the spelling) Tutor for beginners. Bam bababa bam...I have learnt the basic beats and am using this 18yrs. boidhran that Karen kept. I have the pleasure to play my first song called the Swallow Tail (jig) for my parents in hospital through Skype (gotta love skype, dude).

We are also moving house in two weeks time. After two years living in the middle of nowhere we decided it is time to be closer to town. Rosses Point is the area.

                                          Carrowkeel passage tombs - 3000 BC!!!

                                          Sepultura's Paulo Pinto before their gig in The Academy \m/

                                          Derrick Green - Sepultura - The Academy

It was bigger than my foot

                                           "Eagles Flying" - Sligo

all the fishes above were safely returned to the ocean :-)

                                       That is it for now. Although they won't read this I just feel like saying that my family is doing an amazing job looking after my dad and my mom is even sleeping in the hospital. My brother and sisters are doing their best to bring some joy to them. I use skype to "visit" my parents and chat with them on a daily basis. It is just a matter of time...and patience, a lot of it!

God bless you!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dun na síog

Today it was partly sunny so I decided to cut the grass. Had to take some hay fever tablets otherwise I wouldn't be here typing right now. Few months ago I've asked John, our neighbor who is also into folklore and Irish legends, why he always leaves a square of bush when he is cutting his grass and he told me that you need to leave a place for the...erm, fairies. I didn't ask what is the possible consequence of not doing that and decided to try myself too. It was fun to draw a circle and imagine that there are some invisible creatures living there. Today, few weeks since the last time I cut the grass I've noticed that the circle that I left has become even more flowering so I was careful to not cut it again...Who knows what the fairies could do? That was "gay" but regardless whether you believe it or not, it is just nice to see your garden with that ring of flowers, isnt it?

for more information:

Friday, July 13, 2012

Only a fool thinks he goes fishing to catch fish

my wife took that pic yesterday at Aughris Head pier. It was the second time that I went there and got that mackerel which only stayed for 30 sec out of the water till I promptly put him back. As you can see it is summer in Ireland (11 degrees celsius) but I still have my jacket and cap on to keep my bald head warm enough. "Only a fool thinks he goes fishing to catch fish" is just a quote from Far and away: a prize every time by Neil Peart that I took the liberty to use as the title of this post. Till later! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

ladies and gentlemen.

this was the stage set up by me and Siobhan last saturday night. It was a pleasure to work in that event and I have to say am proud of the result. Looking forward to the next one :-)

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Countess Cabaret presents Pimps 'n Pinups!

back to Ireland and no time to waste so lets go straight to point or "cut to the chase" :-)

Tickets 10 euros advance (12 on the door)

Strict dress code: Corsets, fishnets, top hats, tails. You get the idea!
Entrance through Adelaide Bar, Wine Street Car Park.

Proudly sponsored by Vivien of Halloway, 1950's Fashion's

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

When in Rome...just take ur clothes off

It's not that am very busy during my holidays in Brazil that I couldn't have time to post something here. Nor that I didn't have enough subjects to discuss here. Blame my lack of posts to the lazyness caused by wonderful weather + nights out wit few nice hangover + just-not-feeling-like-posting-or-dont-want-to-be-bothered-to-touch-the computer.

I "wore my t-shirt" as we say in Brazil and am acting like the romans. There is one week left till we get back to normal life...DO NOT WANT!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Homemade wine, Classiebawn castle

The 28-days-cycle is not completed yet but I can tell you my homemade wine is fantastique! Lots of aroma, strong, fruity, tasty without being strong in acidity, it s just, perfectly balanced! I have to say am not a wine person but sometimes I like to have a sip.

Yesterday we drove up to Mullaghmore, County Sligo to have a look at the giant waves. That is the place where many surfers around the world come for the tow-in surfing. As there was no surfer at all for our disapointement we just drove-by and headed back home. But first a little stop on the way. Mullaghmore is also the place for the fabulous Classiebawn Castle. I remember back in 2006 when I first came to Ireland that I tried to jump the gates to have a proper look at it. The castle is miles away from its entrance and the best photos you can see from it are like this: or maybe this: . It is probably the most impressive castle I've ever seen.

Tin tin!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

That lazy afternoon in good companion

To appreciate a single malt can be compared to many other things and it might require some time/experience. It is like the first time you look at an artwork or listen to a song. You will have to listen to it a couple of times till you find out whether you like it or not. That is what I like about single malts. In my personal experience it was passion at first sight when I first had a Caol Ila-12 in the Museo de Whisky in the north of Spain.

Experiencing a single malt on a lazy Sunday afternoon just can slow down everything. You can have it after a busy day, when you are a bit tired or simply when you feel like it. You don't need any excuse to open that bottle of spirit that is being aged for years. Then you let the spirit talk. The only rule for single malts is to not mix them with anything but ice or water. But be aware that if you add some water you will just make it "stronger". Better to have it neat to have a proper "conversation"...

Extend your arm and check its colour. Is it amber? Dark amber? Golden? The body will be noticeable when you swirl and the "tears" take long to fall down. The aroma will tell you the story of years of maturation. Sea breeze, toffee, vanilla, honey, herbal, medicinal, smokey, etc. Then you roll it on your mouth to get the flavour for about 20 sec. The finish or "after taste" can be long, short.

Single malts are far the most complex of all whiskys, let alone spirits. Yet, it can be the most enjoyable drink. It is just a matter of becoming "his" friend.


(This post was accompanied by the amazing Old Pulteney 12)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday in the big city

in Dublin. Just came back from Rui's place in Rathmines. Rui is this Portuguese that used to work with me in Ballina. Another two portuguese fellas, Pedro and Samuel joined us too and we had a laugh. Rui was telling me about the Celtic influence in Portuguese culture, and we've also talked about etymology, languages,vikings, that kinda thing. I was like "damn it, if I just knew a lil bit more of ancient history that would give me a great post for my blog" but then again I just realized I know nothing about it. Anyway, that could be one of my resolutions for this year. Earlier on I was in town for sushi and bought few presents to take to Brazil. Oh yes! We've also went to Brown Thomas and Rui showed me this "secret place" where u can have some fine Brazilian coffee for free. They also sell these coffee machines and powder, but the average of prices were a bit out of my budget. Damn it! I wanna a coffee machine. In the meanwhile Kaz was babysitting Isaac.

More stuff to come...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

tin tin

my wife is in dublin and am all alone here wit my cats and my...homemade wine in progress. I can smell grape juice mixed wit bitter aroma and i can hear the yeast working hard and hopefully in few weeks we can sip some fine barolo red wine.

That is it for now, stay tuned

Monday, February 13, 2012

Vaga de emprego

A empresa que eu trabalho está necessitando urgentemente de gente no Brasil pra trabalho part-time em casa. Para isso o candidato tem que ter bom acesso a internet e ingles intermediário(básico talvez sirva também), além de estar morando no Brasil por pelo menos 5 anos. Pra inscrição basta clicar em um dos links abaixo. Provavelmente vc terá que copiar os links pro IE já que alguns deles talvez nao funcionem no FF.

Caso vc esteja com dificuldades pra acessar os links acima mande um email pra mim, ou deixe um comentario nesse post :-)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finished bottling my homebrew on Sunday and now am anxiously waiting for its maturation process which takes few weeks. Beer is just like wine, the longer you keep them stored the better they will taste.

Just to keep my blog updated, let me see, last weekend I went to Dublin for Ciara's 21st. 21st parties are usually a big deal here contrary to Brazil where we usually give more attention to the 15(girls debutant). Anyway, I took the train from Sligo which takes only 3 hours and it is something that I haven't done for ages. It was an enjoyable trip as I could have few beers and catch up some readings.

Not much news (yet) but this could completely change out of a sudden. I've been jamming wit few colleagues and Wally at his gaf(lol). Am looking forward to get a decent gear (amps and bass) but that will mean that I have to save some bucks first. I probably never mentioned that before but I do play bass and used to play in different bands back when I was in Rio. Luckily you will find few videos on youtube but don't ask me for them :-P

Monday, January 30, 2012

40th anniversary of Bloody sunday

Exactly 40 years ago 13 lives were taken during a peaceful protest in Derry. Some were hit on their back, no guns were found with them.

a wall that divides Nationalists and Loyalists in Belfast

a pic that I took in Belfast

for further info, go HERE

Sunday, January 22, 2012

'My First Hardcore Song' by 8yr old Juliet OFFICIAL

isn't Juliet a true metal "dudette"

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA blackout!

If you are American or live in the U.S. please join me in this virtual protest against this law called Sopa.

A lot of websites shut down today to express their feelings about it and I can tell you that that law doesn't smell good at all. For example, say you have some copied content on your page. It can be your blog, it can be your website, whatever. This law is going to allow people to take some action and you can have your page closed down! There is much more to it so please take your time to have a look at the following sites:

It is very important that we take some action on that before it is too late. The voting date is the 24rd of January, so in few days we will know what is the U.S. Congress decision.

Stay tuned!

Monday, January 9, 2012

A mais provável origem do nome Brasil :-)

Vc sabia que os Irish-celta podem ter descoberto o Brasil bem antes dos portugueses?

Talvez eu coloque uma versao pros demais poderem ler em inglês pois acho que é um assunto que pode interessar tanto os brasileiros como os irish.

Achei aqui um post que eu fiz em 2010 sobre uma provável explicacao pro nome do nosso país ser Brasil. Voce pode achar o post clicando AQUI.

O que eu acho disso tudo? Muito provável que os Irish tiveram no Brasil bem antes dos portugueses. Até pela geografia do país e o fato de ser uma ilha que fica num ponto mais a oeste da Europa. As navegacoes eram bem frequentes também...tudo um mistério que eu particularmente gosto muito.

Pois é, isso nao é nenhuma viagem minha e até mesmo esse filólogo Adelino José da Silva D´Azevedo acredita e fez um estudo sobre isso.

Semana passada eu comentei sobre esse assunto e o quanto as nossas escolas ignoram essa origem da palavra, dando a explicaçao que o nome Brasil veio de Pau-Brasil, etc.

Hoje um amigo meu me vem com esse link AQUI! Eu nao sei se já tinha compartilhado antes, mas tem mais explicações AQUI

Enfim, um prato cheio pra curiosos, historiadores, etimólogos, professores.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

'Bout my taste of music and how that helped me to act like the Romans.

An old friend of mine gave me the idea of this post by accident.

Basically I've grew up listening to all sort of music. From my mother side there was all that type of MPB (Brazilian Pop Music) and few Brazilian Trad. From my father it was mainly trad Jazz(30's) and American Folk music. For some reason I was never keen to MPB but still showed some interest in Brazilian Trad. Specifically Forró. I've always listened to artists such as Alceu Valença, Zé Ramalho and Luiz Gonzaga. I think their regional songs sound more roots than stuff like Joao Gilberto, Chico Buarque, that kinda thing. I've also detested bossa nova. Still do, but there are few that I can cope with :-) Here in Ireland there is a good chance you will hear "bossa nova" in many places such as cocktail parties or fancy restaurants. Needless to say, Bossa nova is not genuinely Brazilian.

On the other hand, I remember when I was turning 8 or 9 and I was caught listening to songs that I've never thought would helped shaping my taste of music. Back then my sister Una like to play some records like Supertramp, Dire Straits, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springteen(yuck!) all day long, over and over. She also played Brazilian "rock" like Legiao Urbana and Capital Inicial but, it was the international rock that was always in love with. The more I couldn't understand what those guys were singing, the better. And believe me it was better this way :-). My interest in Rock increased along the years 'till I found bands like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Gn'R, Black Sabbath, etc. At that time then I was completely sure that rock was my cuppa :-)

Now, it is a good help being a Rock dude if you live in Ireland. Not too hard you will find rock pubs all around the country as well as DJs that play rock tracks at people's parties. Everytime we go to Dublin I know I will be up for few pints at Bruxelles or at the Gipsy Rose, which is still a "novelty" for me. Kazzy does like rock too which is even greater.

So I do appreciate these things. I do appreciate that there are many rock artists that I didn't care much when living in Brazil but now I kinda like them.

About MPB...well, thank God I am free from that thing. About Trad Brazilian I do like to play few forró tunes in some of our parties and even Kazzy does like it too.

Keep on rockin \m/

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The wind that shakes the barley...

and destroy plants pots, blow the bins away and scares the sh*t out of my cats, lol. Welcome to Ireland, welcome to Co. Sligo :-P If you are still wondering what I am talking about it check that out:

So, happy 2012 my dear reader!

Am back to work today, no more late nights, crazy parties, etc...damn it!

The last few weeks were pretty intense with two parties and one family gather together. I had a ball particularly on the new years eve party at Gill & Wally's here in Templeboy. Siobhan, her BF Risha and her daughter Clodagh came all over from Dublin to stay wit us and we also have the companion of John F. and his crazy kids. Needless to say how much I love crazy kids!

I've nothing better to do than wishing you an excellent 2012!