Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dun na síog

Today it was partly sunny so I decided to cut the grass. Had to take some hay fever tablets otherwise I wouldn't be here typing right now. Few months ago I've asked John, our neighbor who is also into folklore and Irish legends, why he always leaves a square of bush when he is cutting his grass and he told me that you need to leave a place for the...erm, fairies. I didn't ask what is the possible consequence of not doing that and decided to try myself too. It was fun to draw a circle and imagine that there are some invisible creatures living there. Today, few weeks since the last time I cut the grass I've noticed that the circle that I left has become even more flowering so I was careful to not cut it again...Who knows what the fairies could do? That was "gay" but regardless whether you believe it or not, it is just nice to see your garden with that ring of flowers, isnt it?

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