Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fireball - meteor showers in Ireland

Last friday night I was sitting here on my computer at about 11.00pm when Karen called me outside "quickly, quickly". I knew she was trying to get the cats back to the house but didn't have a clue of what was coming next. Out there above the horizon there was these fireball blazes coming up from East going above our heads towards west. There were at least three fireball blazes all flying together in a quite fast speed, just like the speed you see satellites orbiting our planet. It was absolutely stunning! Karen was freaking out for a minute about what they could be and I thought that it was either debris of a satellite or a meteor shower. 10 minutes later we checked on the internet and there were videos and reports from people all over the country and England. The news also said it was indeed a meteor shower but they probably didnt tell how spectacular it was because of its intense brightness. 

For videos and other reports of the same objects we saw click here:

For reports from U.K. HERE

If you have any video, photo, or any experience you had please share with me :-)

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