Monday, October 1, 2012

Rosses Point

Just a quick one. We haven't got the internet at home yet so every day we come down to the hotel to use their wifi. Below you will find some pictures I took this afternoon in our new village. I was told I am living in the posh area of Sligo which I think it makes sense. I am also unemployed so it feels like on holidays. Hopefully (or not) this will change soon. All these photos were taken with my mobile phone so their quality is not good, however am quite pleased with their colors, I call it "the autumn effect" :-) One of these photos shows a statue of a woman, which is in memory of those who lost their lives at the sea. The woman is representing their moms, begging for their safe return...I know, a bit emotional

If you ever come down to Sligo, make sure you visit Rosses Point and if you are a bit hungry try the seafood chowder at Waterfront, its yummy!

p.s.: got the good news that my dad is going to be discharged from the hospital this words to describe how happy I am :-)

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