Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finished bottling my homebrew on Sunday and now am anxiously waiting for its maturation process which takes few weeks. Beer is just like wine, the longer you keep them stored the better they will taste.

Just to keep my blog updated, let me see, last weekend I went to Dublin for Ciara's 21st. 21st parties are usually a big deal here contrary to Brazil where we usually give more attention to the 15(girls debutant). Anyway, I took the train from Sligo which takes only 3 hours and it is something that I haven't done for ages. It was an enjoyable trip as I could have few beers and catch up some readings.

Not much news (yet) but this could completely change out of a sudden. I've been jamming wit few colleagues and Wally at his gaf(lol). Am looking forward to get a decent gear (amps and bass) but that will mean that I have to save some bucks first. I probably never mentioned that before but I do play bass and used to play in different bands back when I was in Rio. Luckily you will find few videos on youtube but don't ask me for them :-P

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